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Product ID: 1328391 | Mfg Part #: 910-001354
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Make your point. With a curved design, intuitively placed controls, and a bright red laser youíll be in control from start to finish. Feel free to move around the room, up to 50 feet (15 meters).

Conveniently easy to use.

  • Intuitive slideshow controls: Navigate through your presentation with confidence. Buttons are easy to find by touch. And the gentle contours feel great in your hand.

  • Plug-and-play simplicity: Itís easy to get started, with no software to install. Just plug the receiver into a USB port to begin.

  • Storable receiver: When the show is over, just store the receiver in the presenter, tuck the presenter into the carrying case, and youíre off.

Power to deliver effective presentations.

  • Red laser pointer: Make it easy for your audience to see exactly what youíre pointing to.

  • Up to 50-foot (15-meter) range: Move around. Work the room. Meet your audience. With a long range, you can mingle with the crowd for greater impact and engagement.